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About Us

PASCUAL i EDUARDO S.L. is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of packaging for a wide variety of markets such as cosmetics, hairdressing, automotive and food.

We have an immediate delivery service thanks to the fact that many of our products are in stock.

In addition, we offer total product customisation, which allows us to adapt to any of our customers’ needs.

We are characterised by our desire to innovate, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and service that distinguishes us.


Target Markets

Since our creation and during these 25 years we have been growing and developing in the world of plastic, reaching many markets, including some of those you can see in this section. This allows us to know more and more about the needs of our clients to adapt and offer more complete solutions.



Increasingly committed to the environment, we offer the possibility to create your most eco-friendly packaging using nature-friendly materials.

Currently, all our products are RECYCLABLE and can be RE-USED by giving them a second life.

At the same time, we are also investing in other types of materials: packaging made from 100% recycled materials or sugar cane, which offer an alternative to traditional plastic.

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