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Cars and Bicycles


Cars and Bicycles

Increasingly, in the automotive sector, hybrid or electric cars are making inroads; intelligent cars that at the same time pollute less. At Pascual i Eduardo we have also adapted our packaging to offer, in addition to the traditional PET, HDPE and PP packaging, packaging with recycled material or bioplastics. This last aspect can be seen in more detail in the SUSTAINABILITY section of our website.

Cars, motorbikes or bicycles; no matter which vehicle we use for transport, we want to keep it in the best possible condition. To do so, it is necessary to use dashboard, bodywork or upholstery cleaning products.

Waxes to extend the life of our leather, wheel rim cleaners, window cleaners or polishes are some of the products that can be put in our jars, spray bottles or foamers. Each container is specific for a cleaning product, helping to keep the cleaning products in optimal conditions.

The mechanical maintenance of the vehicle is also important to avoid friction or breakages, this is why we recommend our lubricant bottles, which are made of PET and with a spout to increase the precision of the application. Our customers use bike chain lubricants with the 100 ml bottle so that they can carry it in their saddlebags for any unforeseen eventuality.

These lubricant bottles made of PET or HDPE use a spout to increase the precision of application.

And there are many more uses for our containers: bodywork cleaning containers, additive containers, motor oil containers, chain cleaning containers, wheel rim cleaning containers, window cleaning containers, upholstery cleaning containers, etc.

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