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One of the industries that has grown and evolved the most in recent years is the pets and companion animals one, as they have become part of our families, and we love and care for them like any other member. Aware of this, companies dedicated to animals have increased the quality and design of their products, offering a multitude of options to cover each and every one of our pets’ needs.

And it is in this process of innovation and improvement that Pascual i Eduardo comes into play, as we have researched and developed packaging options for this industry, always seeking for maximum quality and functionality in its products, which range from bottles for canine and feline shampoos to bottles and pumps for hair care and dewormer products.

Among the most common packaging purchased by our pet product distributor customers, we find everything from bottles made of HDPE and PET for canine cosmetics such as shampoos and cleansers, both liquid and powder, to jars of all sizes for the storage of products that require high protection and ease of application, such as paw pad creams or disinfectant cotton wool pads.

In addition, a large part of our customers are from the veterinary industry, to whom we provide solutions for all their needs, such as droppers for eye and hair products, single-dose containers for medicines and antiparasitic treatments for dogs and cats, pill pumps for long-lasting treatments or pumps and sprays for the correct application of skin products and disinfectants.

Within this area, we also offer amber packaging for products that require greater protection, with very specific storage conditions.

In this way, we continue working and researching to offer the best possible solutions to an increasingly demanding and growing industry, always guaranteeing the quality of Pascual I Eduardo, as well as the maximum confidence to our customers.

In addition, for this market we also have containers for creams, dog shampoo containers, dog gel containers, dog cologne containers, veterinary containers, single-dose containers, containers with droppers, disinfectant containers, etc.

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