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Personal Care


Personal Care

In the personal care market, there has been a strong growth in demand for plastic packaging for it in recent years, due to the importance of using good quality materials for the proper preservation and application of products.

In this sense, we highlight the containers for healing creams, which are widely used for tattoos caring, and the moisturising creams bottles, which are in great demand by our customers who sell body care products.

They are also in great demand body milk bottles and body lotions bottles, which tend to have larger capacities than the previous ones.

On the other hand, the dosers and caps chosen are particularly important in this market, being the most popular the pump, the Flip Top cap and the screw cap or the refill cap.

In this sense, at Pascual I Eduardo we have a wide variety of caps and pumps, in different finishes and colours, so that you can give your product the best image, at the same time that you get the best service.

In addition, for this market we also have creams packaging, body milk packaging, tattoo packaging, moisturising cream packaging, body lotion packaging, deodorant packaging, roll-on packaging, etc.

Would you like to have your packaging personalised?

With our design and UV printing facilities we can make your packaging unique.

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