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Hair Care


Hair Care

Hair care is a market that has seen great growth in recent years, and it will continue to develop in the coming years due to society’s growing interest in personal care and its importance for a healthy life.

At Pascual i Eduardo we provide our clients in the sector with the best solutions for the conservation and application of all their products.

Products for hairdressing salons stand out in this sector, among which black 1-litre and 500ml bottles are in great demand, especially for packaging shampoos and conditioners.

They are also particularly popular amber bottles with SPOUT caps, which acts as pumps for hair dye and other products that require special storage and dispensing.

In the case of barber shops, glass jars and plastic jars are especially used for the storage of beard wax, together with plastic foam containers, which are necessary for the correct application of a large number of products such as hair mousse or facial cleansers.

In all cases, at Pascual i Eduardo we offer the best solutions for the packaging of products for hairdressers and barbers, ensuring an optimal and efficient service for all our clients in the hair care sector.

In addition, for this market we also have cream packaging, conditioner packaging, shampoo packaging, gel packaging, detangler packaging, beard wax packaging, hair gel packaging, hair dye packaging, hairdresser packaging, barber shop packaging, etc.

Would you like to have your packaging customised?

With our design and UV printing facilities we can make your packaging unique.

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