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Perfumes and essential oils


Perfumes and essential oils

This is an industry based mainly on the packaging it uses, as these require special sizes and materials to protect the delicate products they contain.

At Pascual i Eduardo we work daily to offer the widest possible range of this kind of packaging for our customers.

En Pascual i Eduardo trabajamos diariamente para ofrecer la más amplia gama posible de este tipo de envases para nuestros clientes.

Among the most popular products in the essential oils sector there are the 30ml and 60ml bottles, both clear and amber for products that require greater protection from sunlight. In terms of closures, we offer both our conventional screw caps and our dropper caps, both available in various sizes so that they always cover the entire bottle.

On the other hand, in the perfume sector, the 50ml, 100ml and 250ml sizes are the most conventional, but there are options in a wide variety of sizes that adapt perfectly to the characteristics of each product.

When talking about closures, the most popular are sprays and fine mist sprayers, closely followed by other solutions that adapt to any need of our customers, such as push- pull closures or closures with tamper-evident seals.

In addition, we also find the deodorant industry, in which we provide our customers with roll-on containers of different sizes, always with the quality and proximity that characterise us, covering any need they may have.

Finally, at Pascual i Eduardo we are always available for our clients, and we are always ready to find solutions to any need they may have, so that they can find effective and reliable solutions without worries.

In addition, for this market we also offer perfume bottles, cologne bottles, essential oil bottles, spray bottles, spray bottles, single-dose bottles, dropper bottles, etc.

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