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Food and beverages


Food and beverages

Every year, the food sector evolves looking for packaging that meets new consumer demands. That is why at Pascual i Eduardo we offer a wide range of food packaging with different materials such as PET, HDPE, PP, … including recycled plastic or bioplastics such as sugar cane. This last aspect can be seen in more detail in the SUSTAINABILITY section of our website.

The first thing we look for in a packaging is that it is safe for our food, which means that the product we introduce maintains the properties of the food or drink, avoiding contaminants. In short, we want it to be safe and hygienic.

In addition, we also want it to be practical, light, economical and convenient. This is where plastic packaging has the greatest advantage as we reduce the weight of the packaging and we avoid problems with broken glass. Plastics protect and preserve perishable foods for longer, reducing waste and the use of preservatives, while maintaining the taste and nutritional value of the food.

We can choose between clear packaging to be able to see the inside at a glance or use colours to further personalise the packaging avoiding at the same time direct sunlight. Another way to personalise the packaging is with our UV PRINTING service which is explained in more detail in the SERVICES section of our website.

In the world of baking, we have customers who show us new uses for our plastic products that were unknown to us. They use all kind of jars to preserve homemade creams or cake fillings taking up less space, or HDPE bottles with a spout cap to put the filling in cupcakes or muffins or to decorate with chocolate giving the finishing touch to the presentation of their products.

Apart from confectionery, other food industries using plastic containers are: syrup and sauce factories or juice factories using clear PET bottles; beekeeping using honey containers or candy shops using PET jars for candies, liquorice or other sweets as an economical way for the personalised presentation of their products. And many more uses for our containers: milk containers, spice containers, oil containers, ketchup containers, yoghurt containers, sugar containers, olive containers, wine containers, salt containers, smoothie containers, vinegar containers, etc.

Would you like to have your packaging customised?

With our design and UV printing facilities we can make your packaging unique.

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