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Mould design and construction

The design service provided by our engineering partners offers the possibility to create a fully customised injection or blow mould for our customer.

UV printing personalisation

Our high-definition UV printer is able to personalise in photographic quality in 16,000 colours, without the need for clichés or photolithographs. It offers high quality flatbed printing.

Tube cutting to length

We cut the tubes to size, adapting the length of our vaporisers and pumps to the size of each container.

Warehouse, transport and logistics

We put our logistics at your disposal offering you the option of sending each order with us or, if you prefer, you can send us your transport to pick it up.


We assemble any items combination, including containers, bottles, jars and caps to create the configuration that best suits our customers.

Samples and colour customisation

Not everything is about the shape and design of the packaging, but also on the colour depends the image of the product. Therefore, you can order us the colour of your choice. In addition, we will provide you some samples of the product before starting with their production.

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