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Cosmetic Packaging


Cosmetic Packaging

When talking about the cosmetics sector, the concepts of product and packaging are inseparable. Good packaging should always accompany and enhance the product, while helping to maintain and preserve it. It must be eye-catching and distinctive from other brands.

At Pascual i Eduardo we analyse our clients’ needs and study their product in order to provide them with the perfect packaging for their cosmetics. For us, each client is a unique project.

In this industry, packaging for facial creams such as jars stand out, both clear to enhance the product and opaque in cases where greater protection of the product is required. We also have glass jars, plastic jars and plastic jars with a glass effect, so that we can adapt to our customers whatever their needs may be.

On the other hand, bottles for body creams and droppers for body oils are also in great demand.

In this respect, we have many types of containers such as curved shoulder bottles and square shoulder bottles, oval or flask bottles, all in various colours, capacities and materials, including recycled plastic bottles, so that we can adapt to any customer’s needs and offer the best possible solution.

In addition, for this market we also have packaging for creams, soap packaging, shampoo packaging, natural cosmetics packaging, gel packaging, liquid soap packaging, roll-on packaging, deodorant packaging, atomiser packaging, spray packaging, mist packaging, etc.

Would you like to have your packaging customised?

With our design and UV printing facilities we can make your packaging unique.

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