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Pharmacy and Health


Pharmacy and Health

One of the first markets in which Pascual i Eduardo began to specialise and differentiate itself from the competition by offering innovative solutions and maximum confidence were pharmacies and laboratories, which even today still represent a large part of our company.

In the pharmaceutical industry, PET and HDPE containers for end users stand out, which facilitate the sold products application and preservation.

Small and medium-sized bottles, both clear and opaque plastic, which ensure maximum content protection, with sprays, droppers and pumps, are the most frequently ordered products from our customers.

In addition, we also largely provide solutions for single-dose packaging as well as tablets or pills packaging.

For laboratories, the greatest demand is for chemical containers, which ensure the contents protection, such as all our high-quality airtight containers. In addition, jars are widely used, including our glass jars where presentation plays a key role.

In both industries, the use of quality packaging that protects and provides an optimal image for their products is a need that must be met. Therefore, as a company with extensive experience in the sector, we offer our customers the best products, ensuring that they meet all their expectations and facilitating the process of finding packaging solutions.

In addition, for this market we also offer cream packs, laboratory packs, pharmacy packs, tablet packs, minoxidil packs, prescription packs, contact lens fluid packs, dropper packs, single-dose packs, etc.

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