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Committed to the environment

Today, one of the most important focuses of the industry is on the world of plastic packaging, aiming to achieve a minimum environmental impact in its production process. This, together with a lower impact in terms of transport and storage compared to other types of packaging such as glass, makes plastic packaging stand out as the leading solution for product packaging.

At Pascual i Eduardo, as manufacturers in the packaging industry and aware of this new challenge, we are committed every day to ensuring that the plastic packaging industry moves in a more sustainable direction, offering 100% recyclable and reusable products that contribute to a circular economy process in which the packaging resulting from any activity becomes raw material for the manufacture of new recycled packaging.

In addition, we have also included in our catalogue 100% recycled packaging, whose raw material is other packaging, so the cost of plastic granules for its manufacture is zero. Along the same lines, and in order to offer a more viable transition for companies and facilitate the change, we have packaging with 50% recycled material.

Finally, to ensure maximum care for the environment in cases where the circular economy cannot be assured, we have organic materials packaging, made from 100% natural products such as sugar cane, the source of which is renewable and constitutes a solution with a zero CO2 footprint.

Recycled Plastic


This type of packaging is part of the circular economy process in which the plastics industry has been specialising for years, as they are materials created from the recycling process of other previously manufactured packaging. With the raw material obtained from this recycling process, materials such as recycled high-density polyethylene are obtained, which is as versatile and resistant as conventional polyethylene, but with the added value of having a much lower impact on the environment.


The manufacturing process of this type of packaging begins with the processing of the packaging collected for recycling. During this process, the old packaging is separated, selected, crushed and cleaned to convert it into granules, which are then used to manufacture all types of recycled bottles and packaging. Thanks to the manufacture of these recycled containers, the recycling of a large part of the plastic produced daily is ensured.


The main benefit of this type of packaging lies in the fact that, thanks to its production, tonnes of plastic packaging are recycled, thus avoiding the consumption of the natural raw material from which it is conventionally manufactured. In addition, the plastic recycling industry for the manufacture of new packaging has other advantages such as the creation of new jobs, favouring the circular economy and facilitating the supply of new products.


When talking about the recycling of packaging that has already been made from recycled plastic, there is no problem, as it is recycled in the same process as conventional plastics and in the same circuit, becoming recycled packaging again.


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Sugar Cane


It is a container obtained from sugar cane and made from renewable materials. The use of these containers is aimed at a more sustainable production process, thus eliminating CO2 emissions.


Sugar cane bottles are made from the waste from sugar cane factories, so they are made from the organic material left over after the sugar juice has been extracted from the sugar cane. The bioplastic obtained from this waste is called vegetable polyethylene, which is a recyclable and non-polluting bioplastic.


The main benefit of this type of packaging made from renewable and natural sources is its zero CO2 emissions. This is because the sugar cane plant absorbs much more CO2 from the atmosphere during its growth than it releases in its production process and in its subsequent transport and use, so it is a packaging with zero environmental cost.

In addition, bottles made from sugar cane are one of the few packaging solutions that uses the left-over materials from another industrial activity, in this case sugar manufacturing, and manages to use them as a raw material, thus helping to reduce waste from this industry.


This type of packaging made of vegetable polyethylene is recycled within the normal recycling circuit, without requiring any special treatment, which facilitates its insertion in the companies’ production processes and in the products’ commercialisation in a more environmentally friendly way.


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